You always know drugs or the likes aren’t doing you any good. Yet just to experience that momentarily pleasure, you go back it over and over again. It never promises you a dreamy picture, a promising future, yet you are attracted to it. Would you blame that drug for the harm it caused? Or yourself?... Continue Reading →



Always in awe when I see a promise being made, kept and then ruthlessly broken. Still we have faith and courage to remake a promise and the circle continues.

Life Is A Blessing

Its beautiful when a promise is made. It sparks hope and assurance, but whats more beautiful and commendable? Its when those little expectations are fulfilled without being promised or asked for and that’s when trust breathes and gets stronger.

If trust is firm enough, it wouldn’t require this external layer of ‘Promise…

A lot is said, a lot is committed,

A lot is asked for and a lot is expected,

But till this day dear, why do we fail,

to understand this simple tale

that the thrills, the excitements

the anxiety and the unexpected joys

are all the essence of this beautiful life

Things do go wrong, as it would

But that won’t stop,  from doing what you should

Things do take time, maybe longer

But you must go on, firm and stronger

Then its not about the promises you make

As some things are too dear and precious to break

That’s when you do the…

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The Chase

The most common relationship activity. We often hear that when you stop chasing them, they come back to you, or start chasing you instead. Its a vicious circle Even though you get them, they might leave as and when they like. Least contemplating your feelings and knowing you would chase again. Remember, the one you’re... Continue Reading →

Blame Game

‘He did me wrong! He Dumped me! I loved ‭him and got betrayal in return!’ *sob sob* or ‘She betrayed me! I loved her the most! She just walked away!’ *sigh* Did he? or Did she? Admit it! More than often you start getting signs of their true intentions But, Blinded by the ecstasy of... Continue Reading →

Love was Always Simple

It was always simple, it was always flawless. It was never demanding yet it has all the prowess. How could something which is beyond all frontiers of caste, creed, race, colour, religion, sex snd age could ever be complex?It was always simple, it was always flawless. It was never demanding yet it has all the... Continue Reading →

Being Strong

You've faced the storms alone, Stood strong and straight defying turbulence.You walked alone in the darkest nights, negligent to the hooting owls and howling wolvesFearless you walked There are people, some really close who never appreciate for what you've endured and what you've achieved How strong you stood or how fearlessly you walked...but... Be strong,... Continue Reading →

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